Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials


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Roger T. Bonnecaze Professor Rheology, Transport and Mixing of Suspensions and Powders, Electrical Impedance Tomography
John T. Foster Assistant Professor Experimental and computational geomechanics, Multi-scale modeling, Hydraulic fracturing, Peridynamic theory
Paul S. Ho Professor Electronic Packaging Materials & Processing, Microelectronic Materials & Processing
Rui Huang Professor Mechanics of integrated materials and structures, Thin films, Soft materials
Thomas Hughes Professor Computational Mechanics, Isogeometric Analysis, Variational multiscale methods for complex fluid flows and turbulence, Patient-specific biomedical modeling and simulation, and Phase-field methods
Stelios Kyriakides Professor,
Center Director
Micromechanics of Cellular Materials
Chad M. Landis Professor Mechanics and Materials, Ferroelectrics, Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys, Fracture Mechanics
Kenneth M. Liechti Professor,
Associate Center Director
Experimental Mechanics, Delamination Fracture Mechanics, Adhesive Bonding & Composite Materials, Microelectronic Packaging
Nanshu Lu Assistant Professor Thin Film Mechanics, Contact Mechanics, Bio-integrated Electronics, Soft Matter, 2D Materials
Michael P. Marder Professor Dynamic Fracture, Nonlinear Dynamics, Micromechanics
Mark E. Mear Professor Micromechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Computational Mechanics
Manuel Rausch Assistant Professor Soft Tissue Biomechanics, Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics, Material Characterization & Constitutive Modeling
Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar Professor Experimental Mechanics, Dynamic Fracture Mechanics, Mechanical Behavior of Polymers
Gregory J. Rodin Professor Computational Micromechanics, Inelastic Deformation, Fracture Mechanics, Size Effects
Michael Sacks Professor Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Engineering of Soft Tissues, Mechanical Behavior of Heart Valves, and Remodeling Processes
Jayant Sirohi Associate Professor Multifunctional structures, rotorcraft design