Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials


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Center Objectives

-Promote research in the broad field of mechanics of solids, structures and materials
-Foster interaction between its members
-Help develop the infrastructure required by its researchers
-Disseminate the results of the research to the public
-Help expand interactions with industry and other research groups

Areas of Research

-Materials Characterization of Solid Propellants
-Materials Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys
-Mechanics of Ice
-Viscoelastic and Hydroelastic Behavior of Composites
-Mechanisms of Failure of Fiber Composites
-Interfacial Fracture
-Crack Growth Mechanisms
-Hydraulic Fracture for Enhancement of Oil Recovery
-Forming Problems in Aluminum Extrusions for Automotive Applications
-Mechanical Characterization of Particulate Composites
-Mechanical Behavior of Metals at High Temperatures
-Viscoelasticity and the Mechanical Behavior of Elastomers
-Cyclic Plasticity and the Degradation of Structures Under Cyclic Load Faculty


Research Projects