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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Time: 3:30-5:00PM
Place: TBD

Mechanics of Random Fiber Networks

R. C. Picu - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Random fiber networks are present in many biological and man-made materials. Examples from the living world include the cellular cytoskeleton and various types of connective tissue. Examples from the non-living world include paper, rubber, insulation and consumer products, such as baby diapers. In all these applications mechanics is important since the network performs the structural function. In this work we study the relationship between the microstructure and the mechanical properties of the network, with emphasis on identifying regimes in which large changes of the system scale behavior are triggered by small changes in system parameters. Results pertaining to multiple types of networks will be presented, including networks made from a single type of fibers and composite networks made from fibers of multiple types, densely cross-linked, sparsely cross-linked and non-cross-linked networks. The discussion will underline differences between the behavior of such systems and that of continuum bodies, which demonstrate the special position of fiber networks in the ranks of engineering material systems.

For further information please contact Dr. Greg Rodin at gjr or (512) 471-4230.

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